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Brederson Law was created by its President, Richard P. Brederson. Attorney Brederson’s roots are very New England. He was Born in Providence Rhode Island and graduated from La Salle Academy. He then pursued pre-law education at Assumption College where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Wanting a true New England based legal education, Attorney Brederson studied law at Suffolk University Law School in the heart of Boston. He passed both the Massachusetts and the Rhode Island Bar Examinations on the first attempt. The latter of the two is said to have the third most difficult admission process in the United States. This year Attorney Brederson celebrates his ten-year anniversary as a licensed attorney. In a decade of full time licensure, he has successfully represented thousands and thousands of clients and has recovered tens of millions of dollars on their behalf. From humble beginnings as a solo practitioner, today he employs a full staff including receptionists, medical record managers, litigation paralegals, legal assistants, interpreters, investigators and associate attorneys.

While many firms market their services by educating the public on what they can possibly get accomplished, Brederson Law proudly relies on significant case results that speak for themselves. If you had the opportunity to test-drive a high performance exotic vehicle it is unlikely that you would do so while remaining in first gear. The same should be true of your case. If you have a legal matter that is worth fighting for, it is in your best interest to have a legal team of professionals. That is what Brederson Law offers to its clients. We have the staff, the resources, the experts and the experience to achieve outstanding results. We advance 100% of the cost of case prosecution in injury matters. In high end cases this often means spending tens of thousands of dollars on expert witnesses that we hire for consulting and testimony on complex legal matters. We handle cases involving permanent disfigurement, scarring, loss of use and function, dismemberment, loss of hearing, loss of sight, and wrongful death. In cases involving fatalities we often retain leading economists to document the economic and financial loss sustained to the victim’s family. On the other hand, no injury is a small one. Even where victims sustain headaches, soft tissue injuries or have subjective complains of pain, we fight the claims for full value.

What else separates us from the rest? It is estimated that approximately 98% of all lawyers have never tried a case to verdict in front of a Judge and Jury. We are proud to be within the approximate other 2% of all attorneys who have litigated to this extent and at this level. We also frequently participate in alternative dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration and settlement negotiation. Our courtroom experience is extensive and we frequently make appearances in multiple county courthouses in multiple cities in multiple States all in a single day.

The Presiding Justice of the Superior Court has appointed Attorney Brederson to serve as a Court Annexed Arbitrator.  In his role as Arbitrator, Attorney Brederson will hear testimony and evidence in cases pending before the Superior Court.  After hearing, he will issue an Arbitrator’s Award that is non-binding on the litigants.  The Court program is an extremely popular and useful resource available to lawyers and litigants.  The arbitration result often assists in determining whether a case should go to trial or not.  It is a much more expedidious manner in which to attempt case resolution and is conducted in a much less formal setting than in a Courtroom in front of a Judge and Jury.  Having presented thousands of cases at Arbitrations as a private practitioner, Attorney Brederson is excited to now start hearing them as Arbitrator.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of an accident, the only thing worse is being victimized again by not having adequate legal representation and by not achieving a result that is fair. If you want to start winning, call or click today. Our legal professionals will respond the same day, guaranteed.