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Workers Compensation

Work injuries often result in you being disabled from performing your typical job duties. The law entitles injured workers to two thirds of their average weekly wage if hurt on the job. It is regardless of fault and calculated by averaging your last 13 weeks of payroll. You have the legal right to treat with your own medical provider at your employer’s expense. Unlike a personal injury case where your lawyer negotiates over the value of your pain, with worker’s comp the argument is over time. Lump sum agreements are based upon time exposure that your employer’s insurance company has. The longer you are out collecting benefits, the less time there is to lump sum. It’s a first party system wherein your employer has the right to force you to attend an “IME” or independent medical exam. Its important that your regular treating physician has disability documentation in your favor in case the company tries to terminate your benefits based upon an unfavorable IME report. The worker’s comp statute also allows for specific compensation for scarring, disfigurement and loss of use or function for injured workers. It’s typical to do a “scar viewing” after six months from sustaining the mark. A permanency rating or disability evaluation is typical to recover loss of use money and is usually appropriate in surgical cases.

· Weekly Benefits

· Lump Sum Settlements

· Lost Wages

· Medical Bills

· Scars

· Disfigurement

· Loss of Use & Function

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