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Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime can adversely effect your life in many ways. Your liberty is at stake. If you serve a jail sentence who will pay your bills and support your family? It can affect your livelihood. Many employers do BCI background checks and if they find out about criminal convictions or accusations, they can potentially terminate your employment. Many professional licensure boards and agencies can pull a professional license through a disciplinary prosecution should charges occur. Applications for schools, academic programs or colleges may inquire if you have been convicted of a crime. Privileges such as a driver’s license can be adversely affected. It can also have a bearing on custody or visitation with children.

· Felonies & Misdemeanors


· Domestic Violence

· Burglary/Theft

· Drug Charges

· Suspended Revoked Licenses

· Traffic Offenses

Our main goal is to eliminate or reduce a client’s exposure to jail time and a criminal conviction by negotiating alternative non-conviction plea agreements when possible.

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