Brederson Law Brederson Law is a firm that is dedicated to making a fair recovery for accident victims.


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Client Reviews

 “I was a passenger in a car that recklessly crashed into a pole.  I struck the windshield with my head and split my upper lip open requiring sutures.  I was left with a permanent facial scar.  Brederson Law recovered policy limits for my injury.  I was so impressed with my legal representation that after my case concluded I applied for a job at the firm.  I was hired and worked there as a legal assistant for four years.” 



“My accident involved my operation of a motorcycle.  I know that Attorney Brederson himself has had a motorcycle license since he was a teenager and understands how very different its operation is from a car.  When the truck negligently forced me out of my lane the day of my crash, it changed my life.  My injuries were significant and Brederson Law recovered nearly a six figure amount on my behalf.” 



“I was so satisfied with Brederson Law’s representation of me in my legal matter that I referred him to all of my friends and relatives.  He has represented my children, my mother, my roommate, and my closest and dearest friends in the world all at my referral.  Not only would I utilize the service again, I would recommend anyone to them.” 



“My car accident caused me to lose my motor vehicle, my income, and my health all because of someone else’s negligence. Attorney Brederson helped me to recover money for my property damage, lost wages, medical expenses and pain and sufferring.  His representation was aggressive and effective.”



“I had planned to purchase my home and I planned for college tuition over the course of several years. One thing I was not preparing for was to be an accident victim. Attorney Brederson was sensitive to my situation and made certain that I received a settlement that was fair.”



“This lawyer knew that I was injured and left without transportation as a result of being involved in a serious collision. He went the extra step by coming to my home to explain my legal rights to me in person and allowed me to engage his services without paying for them up front.”


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